Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Anuradhapura Sri Lanka
Anuradhapura Sri Lanka
Anuradhapura Sri Lanka
Anuradhapura Sri Lanka
Anuradhapura Sri Lanka
Anuradhapura Sri Lanka
Anuradhapura Sri Lanka
Anuradhapura Sri Lanka
Anuradhapura Sri Lanka
Anuradhapura Sri Lanka
Anuradhapura Sri Lanka
Anuradhapura Sri Lanka
The city of 90 Kings “Anuradhapura”

Anuradhapura is one of the first and the longest stable kingdoms of Sri Lankan history spanning about 700 years. In ancient texts referred to as “Anurajapura” the sacred City of 90 Kings has an extensive history riddled with mystery, full with invasions and laced with drama.

Anuradhapura is a historian’s paradise with a rich history. It is world renowned for its breathtaking ancient architecture when it comes to buildings, mind boggling irrigation system and age old craftsmanship with elaborate detailing seen in statues and other carvings.

There are special ruins like Maliga (palaces), pokunas (ponds), Dagoba and structures like meditation centers for Buddhist monks, ancient hospitals and other special ruins. Dagobas are a prevalent type of buildings in Anuradhapura. Dagoba are dome shaped monasteries of the Buddhist monks and they are usually white and house a special relic. There are so many interesting stories surrounding these Dagobas.

As an example, Ruwanveli seya was supposed to be built on a place where Swarnamali a tree goddess resides. So king Dutugemunu had to plead to the goddess to leave the premise. She told the king to name the Dagoba built on the site to be named after her and this story has been made into a song by one of Sri Lanka’s World renowned singers Dr.W. D. Amaradewa. There is also an intriguing story on how the foundation was made for Ruwanveli seya.You can know all these details if you travel with one of Rapid Holidays’ seasoned tour guides.

Anuradhapura is referred to as the kingdom with one thousand manmade tanks in the mahavamsa there are so many ancient tanks that still exist and function the same way they used to and they still nourish the green paddy that turn golden when ready for harvest. Its obvious why back in the day why Sri Lanka was called the Granary of Asia.

Ancient Sri Lankans were known for their illustrious carvings of rock and wood. You’ve all probably heard of the Isurumuniya rock lovers and tons of other famed rock sculptures all large and small. Without a single doubt they are some of the most beautifully put together and comprehensive set of sculptures your eyes will ever see.

In Anuradhapura, you can experience authentic Sri Lankan cuisine at its finest with the rice from its own paddy fields, fresh vegetables picked daily and fresh fish and other meat. Leave it to Rapid Holidays to let you know who has the best polos curry in town and to hook you up with the coziest hotels to spend the night.

What’s stopping you from visiting this ancient world? Dip the tips of your feet in the pool Anuradhapura, experience it in all its beauty and go back with tons of treasured memories with the help of Rapid Holidays. We take the fuss out of your trip.

Top Attractions in Anuradhapura

Ruwanveli Seya Dagoba Ruwanveli Seya Dagoba

The largest dagoba in Sri Lanka. Built by King Dutugemunu complete with a topper made of gold and precious stones. Hundreds of devotees can be seen peacefully doing their religious rituals. There are very interesting theories and stories about this Dagoba so come and find out about its mind blowing tales.

Mihinthalaya Mihinthalaya

It is the sacred rock where monk Mihindu and his 6 disciples met Devanampiya Thissa and Buddhism was established in Sri Lanka due to this meeting. It is a bit difficult to climb but reaching the top is well worth it because you can get a great view of the sunset in the evening.

Ritigala Forest Monastery Ritigala Forest Monastery

Relaxing, calming and never bustling. It is a pretty shady forest and it’s great for walking around and just enjoying the nature and the ruins placed all around. Be on the lookout for animals like elephants, deer and monkeys.

Jethawanaramaya Jethawanaramaya

This is a rather contrasting Dagoba from the rest due to the fact that it is red-orange in color. It was built by king Mahasen. It was the tallest Dagoba in Sri Lanka.

Sri Maha Bhodiya Sri Maha Bhodiya

This Bo tree is allegedly taken from the original Bo tree in Bodhi Gaya which was the tree under in which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment and hence one of the most venerated by Buddhists. A definite must see in Anuradhapura.

Samadhi Buddha Statue Samadhi Buddha Statue

It is famous because it is the most accurate carving ever made of Lord Buddha. It is made of a hard light colored rock that has been carved to perfection to mimic the meditating position of Lord Buddha.

Abhayagiri Dagoba Abhayagiri Dagoba

This stupa was built in the reign of King Walagamba and it was repaired in the recent past. The locals say you can see the history on its bricks.

Isurumuni Temple Isurumuni Temple

Most famous for the carving “Isurumuni Pem Yuvala”which means lovers of isurumuni. It also features some other intricate stone carvings of people and deities. It is a great place to study about ancient arts that existed in Sri Lanka.

Thuparamaya Thuparamaya

This was built by King Devanampiya Thissa commemorating the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka. This is the oldest stupa in Sri Lanka. There are pillars all around the temple which probably are ruins of the Gab Geya which is a protective structure for the Stupa.

Kuttam Pokuna Kuttam Pokuna

Also known as the Twin Bath. These are large bathing tanks that were used by monks and staff of the Abhayagiri for their daily needs. If you look closely you can observe how much attention to detail was given to this marvelous creation.

Kalu Diya Pokuna Kalu Diya Pokuna

It means black water pond. The dark color of the water is probably due to basement rock underneath or due to the shadiness of the area. And just like kuttam pokuna, this was also used by monks and the staff.

Ranmasu Uyana Ranmasu Uyana

It could be a complex stone structure or a pond with intricate carvings. The main attraction of this is the famous and Sakvala Chakra or star gate which is shrouded with mystery and no one seems to know nothing about its purpose.

Mirisavetiya Mirisavetiya

This was built by king Dutugemunu and has been restored recently. Legend has it that, once king dutugemunu ate a spicy “miris” dish without offering some to the monks and in that guilt, he built this stupa as a punishment.

Lankaramaya Lankaramaya

Built by king Valagambahu and yet another beautiful temple in the old city area of the ruins. It has a demeaning stature compared to most other stupas sill awe inspiring piece of architecture.

Vessagiriya Vessagiriya

This is an ancient meditation site. It is said to have enlightened a thousand monks. There is a main cave and a few other smaller caves, try to visit them all. If you’re lucky you might find some peacocks on the rocks.

Lovamahapaya Lovamahapaya

Lovamahapaya was a Nine Story Building used as a meditation and a shelter by Buddhist Monks. It was an engineering marvel back in its glory days. It was made mostly of wood and stone then later decorated with copper and bronze. But now all that remains in tons of stone pillars.

Isinbassagala Isinbassagala

It a Giant rock which allegedly was touched by the Holy feet of Lord Buddha with a small temple on it. You can get an amazing view of the landscape from the high rock.

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