Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Trincomalee Sri Lanka
Trincomalee Sri Lanka
Trincomalee Sri Lanka
Trincomalee Sri Lanka
Trincomalee Sri Lanka
Trincomalee Sri Lanka
Trincomalee Sri Lanka
Trincomalee Sri Lanka
Trincomalee Sri Lanka
Trincomalee Sri Lanka
Trincomalee Sri Lanka
Trincomalee Sri Lanka
The Iconic Port city, Trincomalee

Trincomalee known as Ghokanna in ancient texts or Trinco according to modern terms is a port city located on the north eastern coast of Sri Lanka. It is revered as one of the best natural harbors in south Asia.

Now, Trincomalee has been urbanized after the war it’s a little bit of all when it comes to a travel destination. Surfing and other cool activities for the adrenaline junkies, pristine beaches for the beach lovers, a paradise for historians, and a hotspot for shutterbugs.

Trincomalee is dripping with rich history as a capital under the Vanni Kingdom, a port city under kingdom Anuradhapura, pallawa, chola, pandyan and so many others, a harbor under the Portuguese, Dutch and the British and a part of the Sri Lankan civil war. There shrines, war relics and other places of historic importance to visit in the famous port city.

It’s got dazzling beaches with aqua blue water that turn the prettiest shade of violet in the evening, fine white sand and you can have fun collecting seashells of all shapes colors and sizes. Just touching the waves make you feel alive. If you want more of the beach experience, let Rapid Holidays help you find the best beach hotel to suit your taste and needs.

Trinco is also a thrill seekers go to place. You can surf the pristine blue waves, go scuba diving and swim with fishes and take a look at the vibrant breathtaking coral reef, check out the dolphins and if you’re lucky some whales and go on an island adventure in one of the many tiny islands. For all these activities you can count on Rapid Adventures to provide you with the assistance and tips to get you the adrenaline hit your body needs.

Trinco is a melting pot of cultures. It has its own unique flavor with tons of fresh seafood when it comes to the local chow. Leave it to Rapid Holidays to let you know which restaurant has the best lobster curry in town.

So what are you waiting for? Surf the waves, check out the fish and the corals, get a gorgeous tan, dig into the deliciousness and immerse yourself in the thick history of one of the best natural harbors in the world all in one trip. So be sure to add Trinco into your check list for the trip of your life. Just kick back, enjoy and let us do all the work because here at Rapid Holidays You MATTER.

Top Attractions in Trincomalee

Marble Beach Marble Beach

A calm serene place with Special rock pools, a clean beach, shallow sea and if you want to, you can go snorkeling or swimming.

Nilaveli Beach Nilaveli Beach

A long coastline, shallow and deep parts in the sea great for swimming, snorkeling and diving. Go in the evening to see the sky and the sea put on a show of colors.

Nallur Kandasami Kovil Nallur Kandasami Kovil

Giant statues of Siva and other Hindu deities marvelously carved and intricately detailed, rituals performed at certain times of the day and a great view of the coastal landscape below.

Fort Fredrick Fort Fredrick

Built by the Portuguese it portrays breathtaking architecture of the 16th century. A tall rock fort surrounded by a rock cliff with a great view of the sea below.

Pigeon Island Pigeon Island

Situated off the coast of Nilaveli you can take a boat ride to the beautiful island and then go swimming, snorkeling and whale and dolphin watching.

Maritime and Naval History Museum Maritime and Naval History Museum

A big colonial building dedicated to the naval activity history, Maritime history and marine biology.

Dutch Bay Dutch Bay

A calm, peaceful and gorgeous bay. A great visit in the evening. Enjoy the sunset with an ice-cream or some spicy “achcharu” from a vendor in the beach.

Kinniya Hot Water Wells Kinniya Hot Water Wells

A natural hot water spring. It is said to have magical healing properties but I’ll leave that up to you to find out.

War Cemetery War Cemetery

A well maintained peaceful place of eternal res for the heroes who gave their lives in the hope of saving their mother land. A revered war relic.

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