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Sri Lanka, an island of spirit and spice, sits off the tip of India in the balmy waters of the Indian Ocean. With sandy, palm-fringed beaches, jewelled cultural treasures and magical encounters with elephants all on offer, Sri Lanka certainly has a magic all of its own.

Sri Lanka is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a colorful culture, an intriguing mix of deep rooted Buddhist beliefs and worldwide influences garnered from its years as a major trading port and a colonial outpost for the Portuguese, Dutch and British.Discover rare species and the gemstones that first drew travellers here. Explore paddy fields by bike; lose yourself in maze-like rows of highland tea plantations; and let juddering tuk tuks zip you through the underbrush to hidden expanses of beach. We promise to get you closer to the action closer than anyone else by providing a fantastic mix of culture, history, people, food, wildlife and beaches with the help of our destination experts. With Rapid Holidays there is something for everyone!

There are 100+ tourist attractions and villages in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a collection of beautiful places waiting to be discovered. Our destination guide will give you information about Sri Lanka’s fascinating locations, vibrant towns, cultural triangle, coastal belts and national parks.

Dive in to our Destination Guide and be astounded by the island nation’s amazing wonders.

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